mLED: demonstrating the power of the micro LED

mLED provide two demonstrator kits for purchase. The developer kits are a turnkey solution for system innovators. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides an easy to use, functional platform for proof of concept validation.

To help customers see for themselves the advantages conferred by mLED microLED arrays and to help establish their particular requirements, mLED offer these demonstrator systems for sale. Thereafter the technical teams are glad to examine further bespoke customer requirements.

Device 1: 4096 Matrix Developer Kit

mLED’s ultra-high brightness MicroLED 4096 developer kit is the first widely available, micro pixellated GaN solution to provide 4096 matrix addressable microLEDs. The high pixel density (16 μm emitter on 50 μm centre to centre pitch) provides compactness for advanced miniature applications.

The passive matrix addressable microLED chip is optimised to work in scanning and DC mode. The former provide the means to generate complex display patterns. The control software enables the brightness, scan rate and voltage to be adjusted equally for all addressed pixels. An extra feature has been added to enable pixel illumination in DC mode. This is used to qualify the maximum output power and power density of individual pixels.

The robust, solid state microdisplay provides unparalleled brightness levels, providing consistent clarity of information. Luminance capabilities of 30,000 Cd/m2 (450 nm) and more are provided for the demonstrator system.


Device 2: 64 Individually Addressable Developer Kit

mLED’s microLED 64 develop kit is a micro pixellated CMOS driven “mini light engine” that delivers unparalleled performance. The CMOS driven, light engine provides the ability to individually address each of the 64 flip-chipped micro-emitters.

By using a custom-designed CMOS driver it is possible to provide pulses into the subnanosecond regime, high optical output power per pixel (Typical- 1300 mW/mm2 at 450 nm) and versatile control of the emission characteristics. Pulsed mode operation of 25 ns pulse width of 85 pJ at 405 nm have been demonstrated.

To date the power densities are some of the highest reported for LED technology, reaching 5000 mW//mm2. Having access to the inert, impervious sapphire window is also advantageous.

To help customers see for themselves the advantages of using mLED microLED arrays and to help establish their particular requirements we welcome all enquiries. Thereafter the technical teams are glad to explore further particular bespoke customer requirements. mLED have offered demonstrator systems for sale since 2010 and it has proven to be a very reliable way of establishing a mutual understanding of capability and requirements.

Please contact us if you would like more details.